Work Package 1: Experiences of managing breathlessness

Physicians attitudes and experiences of managing breathlessness in palliative, respiratory and end of life care

Lead partner: Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika w Toruniu (UMK)

WP1 undertook an online survey to map the experiences, views and practices currently underway in the management of refractory breathlessness by respiratory and palliative care physicians across Europe. It also assessed any influencing factors on breathlessness management such as knowledge of international guidelines and access to specialist palliative care.

The survey questionnaire was developed based on a scoping literature search, the expertise of the project group and questions used in previous national surveys. Furthermore, it was piloted by 30 experts from different European countries. 

With support from the European Respiratory Society (ERS), European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), the Palliative Care Formulary and other national societies, the survey reached over 1000 recipients and was fully completed by 450 respiratory and palliative care physicians.

Preliminary data were presented at the ERS and EAPC international congresses in 2020 and the full paper is currently under peer review.