Chronic breathlessness is an immense burden on patients suffering from it as well as their families, carers and clinical support. It impairs patients’ ability to undertake everyday tasks, reduces social contact and becomes increasingly isolating as the illness progresses. Caregivers and Clinicians often find themselves confronted with feelings of helplessness and the inability to help due to the lack of effective interventions.

One of the main aims of the BETTER-B project consortium is directly improving the situation of people affected by chronic breathlessness. All of the involved partners have a history and proven record of accomplishment in research concerning breathlessness. For this reason, we have decided to create a comprehensive collection of resources, both patient- as well as clinician-focused, which aim to help alleviating the suffering caused by chronic breathlessness through means of direct action.

Please be aware that these resources were not conceived as part of the BETTER-B project, but represent past works from the BETTER-B partners on breathlessness.

Resources example (CSI breathlessness toolkit)

Breathlessness Support Service Tool Kit (Cicely Saunders Institute, Kings College London, UK)

A collection of short, patient- and public-focused techniques on how to deal with breathlessness, ranging from exercises and techniques to be used during acute periods of breathlessness to tips which aim to prevent episodes of acute breathlessness.

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