COVID-19 Guidelines & Resources

One of the main aims of the BETTER-B project consortium is to improve the quality of life and well-being of people affected by chronic breathlessness. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, we want to ensure that relevant resources, guidelines and evidence reach those who need it most.

We have therefore decided to use our international platform to collate various national guidelines, resources and research developed in response to COVID-19 to support health professionals, patients and families during this time.

Some of the resources collated below are aimed at health care professionals, while others are aimed at patients and the general public.

Please be aware that these resources were not conceived as part of the BETTER-B project, but represent work from our research institutions and national and international Palliative Care Associations.



Cicely Saunders Institute (CSI)/ European Lung Foundation – Factsheets for patients hospitalised for COVID-19, and their family and friends

The factsheet explains what will happen once a person goes into hospital, how their symptoms will be managed and what will happen if they get put on a ventilator. The factsheet also explains the issues around contact and communication. Available in English, Chinese, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Urdu

ELF Covid-19


Cicely Saunders Institute (CSI) - Managing breathlessness at home resource
We have created a leaflet written for people with breathlessness and their families. It may be especially helpful for those with chronic heart and lung conditions, whose clinical teams are being diverted to the COVID effort. The resource contains advice which is based on the best available evidence, but adapted to the COVID context. Available in English.

khp-gp-breathlessness-resource - 0001     khp-gp-breathlessness-resource - 0002


European Respiratory Society COVID-19 resource centre

A frequently updated assortment of resources regarding COVID-19, collated and developed by the ERS. Some resources are aimed at patients and the general public, others at health care professionals and policy makers. Available in English and multiple other languages (some translations are still underway).

ERS Covid Resource Centre


Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Palliative Medizin, Pflege und Begleitung - Wissenswertes zum Coronavirus

A wide array of individualized recommendations regarding the treatment of COVID-19, with resources specifically tailored to professions (physicians, GPs, nurses working in hospitals or hospices, spiritual care professionals). Published by the Swiss Association for Palliative Care. Available in German.




Response and role of palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a national telephone survey of hospices in Italy

Costantini M, Sleeman KE, Peruselli C, Higginson IJ 

Our first paper on the experience of COVID-19 in Italy, examining the preparedness for and impact of the pandemic to inform the response of other countries.


Managing the supportive care needs of those affected by COVID-19 

Bajwah S, Wilcock A, Towers R, Costantini M, Bausewein C, Simon ST, Bendstrup E, Prentice W, Johnson MJ, Currow DC, Kreuter M, Wells AU, Birring SS, Edmonds P, Higginson IJ.

We have published a guide for respiratory healthcare professionals working with Covid-19 patients on how to manage their supportive care needs.


Characteristics, symptom management and outcomes of 101 patients with COVID-19 referred for hospital palliative care 

Lovell N, Maddocks M, Etkind SN, Taylor K, Carey I, Vora V, Marsh L, Higginson IJ, Prentice W, Edmonds P, Sleeman KE 

A case series describing symptom burden, management, response to treatment and outcomes for COVID-19 patients referred to palliative care


The role and response of palliative care and hospice services in epidemics and pandemics: a rapid review to inform practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

Etkind SN, Bone AE, Lovell N, Cripps RL, Harding R, Higginson IJ, Sleeman KE.

An evidence synthesis on the role and response of hospice and palliative care in epi/pandemics, to inform response to COVID-19.



UK Association for Palliative Medicine (APM)- COVID-19 and Palliative, End of Life and Bereavement Care in Secondary Care

COVID-19 symptom management guidelines developed by the APM, aimed at health care professionals. Available in English.

Find it here!


Empfehlungen der DGP zu COVID-19 / Recommendations for treatment of patients with COVID-19 from the palliative care perspective

A concise overview of treatment options available for patients suffering from COVID-19, aimed at interdisciplinary health care professionals. Available in German and English.

German version

English version

More information from the DGP regarding COVID-19 (in German)










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