LEEDS - University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

LEEDSThe Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) is an international leader in the field of clinical trials based at the University of Leeds within the Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research with a reputation for conducting complex, multi-centre clinical trials. The CTRU has approximately 200 staff members, is one of the largest trials units in the UK and is UKCRC Registered. CTRU led the trial set-up, trial and data management, and statistical analysis of the BETTER-B feasibility study, demonstrating the feasibility to recruit to a large-scale phase III trial of palliative care patients with breathlessness.

The CTRU will coordinate the trial setup, approvals, training, and protocol (WP2), supported by the co-sponsors KCL and UCD. It will also remain a significant contributor to the delivery of the Main Trial itself (WP3). CTRU will provide support to WP4 in developing the pre-specified plan for the analysis of primary and secondary endpoints and the integration of qualitative data, to WP5 in assessing the health economics impact, and to WP6 in developing the Evidence based European Guidance. The team will also contribute to the dissemination, impact and exploitation planning (WP7) and support KCL and UCD in overall project management, coordination and integration (WP8).



Prof Julia Brown

Prof. Dr. Julia Brown: Scientific Lead

Dr Geraldine Murden

 Dr Geraldine Murden: Delivery Lead

Mrs Claire Dimbleby

Claire Dimbleby: Senior Trial Manager

Mrs Fiona Walker

Fiona Walker: Trial Coordinator

Dr Sarah Brown

Dr Sarah Brown: Supervising Statistician

Mr Alasdair Fellows

 Mr Alasdair Fellows: Trial Statistician


Cerys Tassinari: Safety Statistician