KOELN - Uniklinik Köln (Germany)

UK-neuThe University Hospital of Cologne (Uniklinik Köln) is one of the leading German research universities. In 2012 it won substantial funding in the German Excellence Initiative and is now one of eleven Excellence Universities. The University has about 50,000 students enrolled in the 260-degree programs (BA and MA) of our six faculties: Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Human Sciences. The University is firmly committed to the advancement of fundamental research which will influence tomorrow’s world and provide answers to the challenges of change and complexity of today’s world. It has particular strengths in five key research areas: Aging-associated Diseases, Behavioural Economic Engineering and Social Cognition, Quantum Matter and Materials, Socio-Economic, Cultural and Political Transformations in the Global South and in Plant Sciences.

The University Hospital of Cologne is a world leading medical centre. As a university hospital, it combines research into the development of and treatment options for diseases with patient-orientated health care. The Department of Palliative Medicine (DPM, Director Prof. R. Voltz). at UHC was the first palliative care unit in Germany, which became an independent chair in 2004. It provides multi-professional, evidence-based care in a palliative care unit (PCU), a hospital support palliative care team (HPCT), an outpatient clinic and home care team for over 3,000 patients per year. The Department of Palliative Medicine is responsible for teaching medical students, clinicians and nurses in palliative care.




PD Dr. Med. Steffen Simon: Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Internal Medicine, Senior Clinical Research Fellow



Prof. Dr. med. Raymond Voltz: Medical Director of the Clinic for Palliative Medicine



Dr. Anne Pralong: Research Associate