Work Package 8: Management

Management and coordination

Lead partner: King's College London (KCL)

The aim of this WP will be to ensure a timely, effective and successful delivery of the project by providing a high level of administrative, contractual, financial and managerial support.

Main objectives: 
1. To coordinate the research and scientific development of the project so that deliverables and milestones are met.
2. To lead on the reporting of results during the lifetime of the project by ensuring close and proper collaboration amongst project beneficiaries.
3. To ensure that project management and excellence of the scientific work, including quality management, time planning, reporting and financial control, are delivered on time and to budget.
4. To evaluate the progress of the individual WPs and the timely completion of deliverables.
5. To organise and chair project meetings.
6. To resolve conflicts, manage risks and take necessary corrective actions.
7. To manage the project’s relationship with the European Commission by ensuring that all the required documentation is completed on time and to the required standard.