AUSL - Azienda Unita Sanitaria Locale Di Reggio Emilia (Italy)

The Local Health Authority (AUSL) of Reggio Emilia is the institution that administer the National Health Service in the Reggio Emilia province. It provides directly in-patients, out-patients, primary and preventive care. AUSL mission is to respond to the needs and expectations of health among citizens. AUSL includes a Research Institute (IRCCS), formally recognized by Italian Ministry of Health in 2011 in the discipline of oncology. IRCCS promotes and supports research projects in the field of primary and secondary cancer prevention, translational and clinical medicine, health services and public health research.

The Palliative Care Unit (PCU) is a specialised hospital-based unit with no beds, with a remit of specialist consultations in wards and in a clinic for advanced outpatients and their relatives. It includes three senior physicians and three advance practice nurses, dedicated full-time to hospital PC. The Respiratory Unit is a specialized 30 bed unit and 4 bed Intensive Care Unit with an outpatients service for respiratory failure patients, COPD patients, ILS, asthma patients etc. It includes 12 senior physicians, 2 data managers and 24 nurses. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit is a 12 bed unit (6 intensive care, 6 ordinary beds) with an outpatient section. Main area of activity is weaning from mechanical ventilation and tracheostomy, rehabilitation of patients with respiratory insufficiency from pulmonary and extra pulmonary causes. It includes 5 physicians, 2 therapists, and 12 nurses.




Dr. med. Massimo Costantini: Medical Doctor, Research Associate



Dr. Franco Merlo: Research Associate



Dr. med. Silvia Tanzi: Research Associate